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Sharon Newman
GIS Analyst

Ms. Newman has participated in GIS projects involving utilities distribution system analysis, municipal and military infrastructure mapping, environmental impact analysis for wetlands, endangered species, natural resources, and cultural resources.  She has 20 years of experience working in Bentley Microstation, and ESRIís suite of software.  She is proficient in ESRIís suite of software including project development, data capture and manipulation, spatial data and image analysis, and geodatabase creation.  Her experience includes map projections and coordinate systems conversions; spatial analysis of geographic data; and geodatabase management for capturing, storing, retrieving, analyzing, and displaying spatial data.  Ms. Newman has worked with many raster manipulation and image mapping products, such as Global Mapper 16.  She has also worked with various raster/vector manipulation and layout software, such as Abode Illustrator, Corel Draw , Pixel Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.


Ms. Newman has five years of experience in managing video production projects.  She has experience in coordinating client needs with professional services in video production.  Ms. Newman has also worked with professional editing companies to ensure quality products, as well as, assisting during site location interviews and b-roll shooting in Louisiana and Mississippi.  She has experience in postproduction editing.


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